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Like most businesses we are, of course, somewhat constrained, but we can continue to move existing transactions forward, and provide advice on the timing and appropriateness of potential sales, rentals…

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The Sunday Times: ‘why would you sell your house off-market?’
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The Sunday Times is reporting that off-market transactions have virtually doubled in the last ten years. They asked Middleton’s Mark Parkinson why so many more properties are changing hands in this way.

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Commuter homes in the Chilterns
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The Chilterns area is a star choice for commuters, says the Evening Standard Homes & Property section.

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Crossrail is bringing a number of country towns within a realistic commute of London.
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According to Anna Tyazck in Country Townhouse magazine one of the towns benefiting from the completion of Crossrail is Hungerford, which has become something of a prime residential property hot spot.

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What exactly is a townhouse? City AM explains
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The recent launch of 13 ‘townhouses’ got London’s business-focused newspaper, City AM, discussing what exactly is a ‘townhouse’.

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Country Life: land of bees and honey.
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Keeping bees has positive ecological consequences, according to the British Beekeepers Association which runs bee-keeping courses and provides information.

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The Times on: your guide to owning an unusual house.
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Ever thought you might like to live in a cave? According to The Times there are more such properties available than you might have imagined – including around 45,000 in the Loire Valley of France.

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The Times on: earning extra income from your home.
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According to The Times an increasing number of buyers are looking at the price and value of houses and taking into account ways in which the property can earn back some income.

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The Sunday Times, 28th July 2019
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According to the Sunday Times, 340,000 people left London in 2018. ‘Many are looking to live near clubs with exclusive London-style facilities, and these can be a key factor in encouraging people to move to certain areas’.

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