London Sales.

When you buy a property, even if it is your home, it is an investment. When you sell, in realising that investment you will want to achieve the best possible price.

At the same time, you want the process to be professional, respectful, efficient – enjoyable, even. You want your advisor in your corner, protecting your interests at all times. Part of that process – as an advisor – is to nurture positive working relationships with all potential buyers and the professional advisors of all parties.

It’s also our experience that achieving the highest or best price depends not on flattery, but on strategy. So we won’t give you an appealing valuation to win your business, we’ll give you a carefully considered recommendation of where we will open, and where we expect to close.

For Middleton, offering property advice has never been the art of persuasion, but the art of understanding – your aspirations, your concerns, your priorities.

James Moran
Head of London Sales

"What was very important for us was that we never felt we were being talked into anything by Middleton, and at some points they were actively telling us to back off. They not only made the sale happen for us, but also took a lot of the stress away from us. It would have been very stressful without Middleton."

Middleton London client

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