The Middleton way.

Finding the perfect property. Matching the ideal buyer and seller. Completing deals. None of this is the art of persuasion. The Middleton way is the art of understanding. Understanding your aspirations and lifestyle now and in the future. Understanding practical factors such as timescales, geography and timing.

Some clients give us the most unambiguous brief – right down to a pinpoint location, precise architectural style and specific features. Others are interested to know what’s out there that corresponds broadly to their aspiration. Finding these 'needles in haystacks' requires proactive research and an unmatched network of professional and private contacts. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, we’ll be following your agenda, not ours.

Most important of all are the five watchwords that have formed the basis of the Middleton way since we opened our doors in 2008.

Trust. Independence. Focus. Diligence. Knowledge.

“In the entire period we looked with Middleton, I am certain nothing relevant came to the market which we didn't see early. We were also shown houses before they came on the market and, on a number of occasions, houses not even on the market, including the one we ultimately purchased.”

Johnny Hewett.