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Meet Rhianna Godfrey-Moon, executive assistant, Country

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Rhianna Godfrey-Moon joined Middleton Advisors as an executive assistant to the Country team, having worked in estate agency sales in the Oxfordshire area for over five years. “It’s really interesting seeing the other side of the property business, and it helps that I’ve seen the sales side, so I have a good understanding of the processes involved.”

A youth spent competing across the UK as a figure skater was a major influence in Rhianna’s life. “A lot of dedication and commitment goes into skating,” she says. “It was a very competitive world in every sense. There were usually 20 girls to every boy taking part and if you wanted a partner for competitions you had to be pretty good at networking and building relationships – I believe that has equipped me pretty well for the working world!”

Now Rhianna supports Mark Crampton in the country department, using her knowledge of the area, as well as that ability to build an immediate rapport with people.