Middleton friends: Halstock

Middleton friends: Halstock

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Little Halstock. Big ideas. Little packages.

Little Halstock may sound like a pretty English village where you’d find one of our advisors showing a client the vicarage or the manor house with a view to a purchase. In fact, it’s the latest offshoot of Halstock, bespoke joiners, cabinet makers and designers.

Little Halstock make exquisite mother-of-pearl inlay jewellery boxes, marquetry watch-winders and other collaborations with the likes of Asprey and Holland & Holland using innovative materials and embedded technology, just like big brother Halstock. At heart, though, both are old-fashioned British craftsmen creating objects of beauty. On a walk round the Halstock workshop in Dorset you’ll get sawdust on your shoes and see natural wood being hand-planed to within fractions of millimetres.

“Our core business is kitchens, wine cellars, dressing rooms – big projects working with architects and designers,” says managing director Richard Miller. “But there’s a little bit of the child in all of us that just loves to see large things reduced in scale, so we’re pushing the boundaries of our craft with the launch of Little Halstock.”

“The humidor that we made for Purdey, for example, is a miniature of Audley House in Mayfair which has been the home of the gunmaker since 1882. Similarly, we’ve created a wonderful model of Berry Brothers’ iconic St James’ Street home which they use to hold wine-tasting note pads and tobacco flavoured chocolates.”

Little Halstock is also collaborating with leaders from the worlds of interior design, fine jewellery and fashion to produce one-off artworks, starting with the Seat of Power with designer Luke Irwin, then an extraordinary ping-pong table in partnership with Martin Kemp.

Information about forthcoming Halstock collaborations here.