The Middleton way: November newsletter

The Middleton way: November newsletter

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For the wider market and economy, 2018 has been the ultimate year of the ‘phony war’ – and who can say, with any confidence, that March 2019 is going to bring absolute certainty over the final terms of Brexit?

We’re optimists by nature, though, so there’s always a sliver of silver lining the cloud. With the government, the opposition and the civil service consumed by negotiations with the EU, by internal struggles, and by the effort to maintain some kind of national unity, there has been very little in the way of radical policy or pronouncements elsewhere. We may well have been spared discussion of mansion taxes and further SDLT increases!

At Middleton we’ve been quietly going about our business and you can read about how we’re strengthening our team welcoming Ben Smith, Rhianna Ashton-Moon and Alex Hooper; building partnerships with the likes of educationalists Kashti Johnson Associates; admire the latest venture of bespoke cabinet-makers Halstock; and how we’re doing our bit for the next generation of rugby stars.

In fact, September was the busiest month we’ve ever had for the completion of property acquisitions. Looking to the future, we anticipate that supply of top-quality property – always our greatest challenge – will tighten further over the next 6-12 months. Even this, however, is partly due to discretionary and over-optimistic vendors disappearing from the market, leaving a better match between committed buyers and sellers.

Whenever we do complete on an acquisition, we always endeavour to speak to clients, soliciting feedback on the service they’ve received, ensuring we understand what led them to select Middleton and whether we have met their expectations. The recurring themes of these conversations are independence, guidance and trust – values that we have guarded jealously throughout our business lives.

We believe this explains why many of our clients seek our advice on a broad range of property-based projects both in the UK and abroad. Our team is stronger now and better-placed than ever to provide strong, impartial advice not just on acquisitions, but on sales, rental and management of prime property. We look forward to working with you in 2019 and beyond.

Mark Parkinson and Tom Hudson