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Meet Edward Sainter, Oxford & Northern Home Counties

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Ed Sainter has worked in property for over 17 years across West London in prime markets such as Richmond and Notting Hill, often transacting privately, and always with a focus on delivering the best outcomes for clients through highly developed negotiating and communication skills.

“Loyalty is also very important to me,” says Ed “and so, across my career, I’ve been careful to work for a small number of prestigious names with a strong service ethic. So I now feel very fortunate to be at Middleton where culture is front and centre of the business, and the bar is set incredibly high in terms of diligently applying the company’s core principles.”

Ed’s region extends from Southern Oxfordshire including Oxford, east through the Chilterns, and up through the Northern Home Counties to Beaconsfield and Aylesbury.

Like his colleague, Mark Crampton, who covers the Southern Home Counties, Ed’s passion for cycling gives him the opportunity to explore his region in depth, even in his spare time.

“I’m very fortunate to live in and cover an area of stunning countryside and varied terrain, so what better way to check out all of the hidden corners and find new hidden gems than on two wheels.”

Ed has a degree in Business Administration and Law.