Ceiling Heights Premium

Ceiling heights must stack up for home-hunters with Rhianne McIlroy

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According to property experts, London residences with exceptional ceiling heights can fetch a premium of approximately 15%.  The allure of greater volume and grandeur, characteristic of higher ceilings, is especially sought after by European buyers accustomed to lofty ceiling standards found in cities like Paris, Rome, and Vienna – reports The Jewish Chronicle.

In response to buyer inquiries, London advisors are increasingly incorporating ceiling height information alongside detailed floorplans as part of their marketing materials.

Rhianne McIlroy, Prime Central & South West advisor comments: ‘Knowing ceiling heights ahead of viewing a property is important. It can be a deal breaker for some people, so having it printed on a floorplan can be very helpful.

“The height of ceilings is a major factor when considering lateral apartments, as ceiling height can vary quite significantly from building to building. Mostly, people specify ‘high ceilings’ rather than the height, but largely anything over 2.7m would be desirable.

“Varying architectural styles through the ages will give varying ceiling heights. Mostly, the feeling of grandeur in a Victorian or Georgian London home is very desirable. The ceiling height of a basement, usually one that has been dug in more recent years is a dealbreaker when it comes to family houses. If corners have been cut leaving low ceilings in basements, this leaves lacklustre rooms which can be expensive to rectify. In most houses and apartments, there is little you can do to increase the ceiling height on anything above the ground floor, as this would compromise the floors above.

‘When looking at apartments in prime central London, the raised ground and first floors offer the best volume and usually command a premium. Examples of these impressive living spaces can be seen throughout Lennox Gardens, Cadogan and Onslow Squares. These are considered best-in-class assets.

“Generous ceiling heights are universally appreciated, but I’d say loved most by the British and Europeans.

“Obviously if people have collections of sizeable artwork, they may need much more generous ceiling heights because they require the right scale and proportions. The art will play a role in deciding whether a home will be suitable.”

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