Meet Eilidh McIntyre MBE, prime property advisor, Country Buying

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When Eilidh McIntyre decided against defending her Olympic title at the 2024 games, she knew she would need a genuinely challenging role to compensate for the thrill of competitive sport that she had known since joining the British Sailing Team at the age of 15.

A year with a Surrey-based estate agent provided Eilidh with a fast-track into the world of property. Since April 2024 she has brought her unique qualities and in-depth knowledge of the region where she grew up and has always lived to Middleton’s Hampshire and West Sussex buying team, working closely with Ben Horne and Mark Crampton.

Eilidh is clearly the very definition of a high-performer,” says Ben Horne, Head of Country Buying, “and so she instinctively understands the importance of meticulous preparation. Relishing the pressurised nature of prime property negotiations is second nature to her.”

Eilidh herself says, “I’ve always had a really inquisitive and reflective approach to learning. And when you’ve spent your life in professional sailing – dealing with everything the sea, the weather and the competition throw at you – you learn how to quickly adapt to any situation.”

“So I’m loving the property world, where things can move quickly but you also have to be patient, persistent and committed.”

“There’s a lot of cross-over of skills from elite sport – in particular being diligent in my preparation, building relationships and communicating effectively. I’m also very accustomed to utilising the expertise of the team around me, and with the level of experience that Ben, Mark and the Middleton team bring, I feel confident we can meet any challenge.”

You’ll still find Eilidh on the water whenever she can find the time. “I can’t resist a challenge, so I’m currently involved in wing-foiling – a cross between kite-surfing and windsurfing,” she says. “But my focus now is on bringing my winning mentality to Middleton clients.”