Middleton client stories: Will Brocklebank

Middleton client stories: Will Brocklebank

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Interview: April 2015

Much to the chagrin of his American mother, Middleton client Will Brocklebank gave up the opportunity to practice as a barrister and moved into corporate IT and investment management. From there, it was a relatively natural step into residential technology systems and his own venture, Face to Face Digital, which he launched in 2006.

“Although we launched the company a year before the first iPhone, we knew something was in the air; that we were about to see a mass invasion of IT into the home. People were starting to bring technology home from the office.”

“The other trend from which we have benefited, which was maybe less predictable was the property boom, particularly in London. With every square foot so valuable, people have been able to invest in major refurbishments and to adopt the sort of reliable systems that specialists can deliver when a house’s technology is considered as a whole.”

“Nowadays when they do that, technology isn’t just an add-on, it can be seamlessly integrated and hidden away, which is important for the interior design and architectural teams, whether it’s a new-build or a listed building. That has enabled us to develop our niche as a specialist, one-stop-shop for heritage properties.”

“When we started the business, people generally hated technology and associated it with hassle. Now, it’s associated with freedom and fun, ways to save time and money.”

“Central heating may not seem the most exciting area in which home IT can intervene. But we really shouldn’t be living in homes where the heating bill is dictated by one thermostat in one part of the property. The smart and award-winning systems that we install can save an absolute fortune and are as easy to use as Nest but capable of running houses with guest rooms, garages, swimming pools etc.”

“On the slightly more glamorous side, the ‘internet of things’, enabling you to control virtually any function of the home from your smart-phone, is also becoming a reality.”

“I run a professional course for architects and interior designers, and a key theme is that there is a fundamental and major shift going on in our home to match the introduction of electricity 100 years ago and central heating 50 years ago. Within another 10 years, the home is going to work in a radically different way and we’re here to help you navigate successfully to the benefits.”