London’s new build market

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“In Victoria for example there are a number of new schemes that are ‘live’, with plenty of availability and healthy discounts possible,” says Middleton’s Will Watson. “With an additional seventeen new-build schemes in the pipeline for this area alone, there is reason for concern. So there is saturation there. But we also know of brand new London properties that are particularly ‘special’ and developers are able to hold parcels back because they are confident this will build demand and push prices upwards.”

“Super-premium developers are constantly having to raise their game to meet the aspirations of global buyers. That means ticking all the key boxes – parking, lateral space, location – but also pushing the envelope on facilities, technology, security. Some sectors are going to see a discounting battle this year, but there will be small pockets of development where the opposite will happen. Given the vast arena for these types of properties, due diligence and advice has never been more important when considering entering this particular market.”