The view from Middleton: March 2017

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In September 2014, we had the Scottish independence referendum. December 2014, stamp duty reform. May 2015, general election. April 2016, the 2nd homes stamp duty hike. In June 2016, Brexit shock. And trumping everything, November 2016, the US election.

And, of course, the world isn’t about to get simpler. There are unpredictable elections in France, Germany and possibly Italy to come, each of which could impact on the EU and the way that Brexit negotiations unfold.

Not surprisingly, in the continuing climate of uncertainty and extreme events, an increasing number of clients are enquiring about rental properties. You can read more about our rentals services here. But, there is also some real value for those buying in London with some leading agents confident that the capital is at the bottom of its price cycle.

We always like a success story, although entrepreneur and Middleton client Will Davies insists on calling the £15 million business he has built up “a work in progress”! Read about here. And, we always enjoy working with experts in other fields – Flora McEvedy of Corfield Morris offers some insights into the fine art investment market here.

Everybody says they go ‘the extra mile’ for their clients. In 2016, Middleton Advisors covered just over 125,000 miles searching out perfect properties, dream homes and profitable investments. That really is a lot of extra miles. We’ll be doing the same this year and we look forward to working with you in 2017 – whether that is in the search for your dream property, an investment opportunity, or a temporary bolthole in the UK.

Mark Parkinson and Tom Hudson
Middleton Advisors