The Middleton way. 10 years on.

The Middleton way. 10 years on.

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When is a good time to start a new business? Possibly not in 2008, around the time the global financial system went into meltdown! Yet here we are 10 years on, having survived and thrived. We’re firm believers that, when it comes to timing, you make your own luck.

As Middleton enters its second decade, punitive stamp duty rises, Brexit, and an almost permanent shortfall of supply in the prime country market mean the challenges may be even greater than 2008. While we believe as strongly as ever in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous assessment, “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor carried away. It is about the safest investment in the world”, we also know that the modern, globalized, regulated, commoditized property market is infinitely more complex.

At Middleton we have always acknowledged we can’t influence these global trends. Our focus is on you as an individual; on acquiring a property to enhance your life, on your terms, in your timescale. We will continue to apply our own unique mixture of diligence, knowledge and absolute independence to ensure we remain an invaluable source of property advice for many years to come.

Mark Parkinson and Tom Hudson 

2018 is the year …

Middleton way 1

“Of potentially more vendors reluctant to sell on the open market, compared with 2017, therefore creating an even leaner supply of stock. Our knowledge of what can be bought off-market or privately, is going to be of significant value to our clients.”

Will Watson


2017 was the year …

Middleton way 2“…our London investment business took off. Having, myself, seen more than 500 London flats and houses this year we have absolutely immersed ourselves in this sector of the market.”
Ashley Wilsdon


Middleton way 3“…we bucked the market by achieving our best ever year including our single biggest transactions in both London and the country.”
Mark Crampton


“…the FTSE is starting the year at an all-time high, and we have the best buyers for country property, but supply is still a major issue. Our job this year is to use our network to get access to the best private opportunities?”
Tom Hudson

Kind words.

“Middleton helped us find an investment property in London and their input was worth a lot to us in terms of time and money. The level of detail was excellent. We’d have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Middleton client, London investment purchaser.

“The fact is we wouldn’t have got the property without Middleton’s help. Their negotiating skills meant we were able to acquire the property despite the fact there was a lot of competition and some prospective purchasers willing to bid more than us.”
Middleton client, country property purchaser.

“Middleton talked about the UK’s micro trends in a way that other buying agents we talked to simply weren’t able to. They were very helpful on the purchase strategy and negotiation and despite the search taking over 12 months, at no time did we feel pressured by Middleton.”
Middleton client, relocating to UK from Australia.

Contact Tom Hudson or Mark Parkinson for contact details of clients who may be willing to share with you their experience of working with Middleton Advisors.