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Meet Lucy Robson, Executive Assistant & Team Lead

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Lucy Robson joined Middleton’s London office on a temporary basis working with the London Buying team. With her natural affinity for the prime property business Lucy quickly became a permanent member of the team, and is now executive assistant to Middleton’s co-founder, Mark Parkinson as well as EA team lead.

She has worked as an administrator and personal assistant in the fields of customer service and training. Just as importantly, Lucy has worked across the world – including in Vienna, Prague, Barcelona and Dubai – and now brings hands-on experience of international business and cultures to Middleton.

“My favourite place to live and work was Prague,” says Lucy, “one of the most beautiful, scenic cities, and it now holds many fond memories for me.”

“Having spent some time in London, I’ve now set up a new home in Hampshire. I love travelling, walking, cooking, spending time with my family and friends.”

Having also worked for an adventure travel company prior to joining Middleton, Lucy always has an eye on her next undertaking. Next on her ‘bucket list’ is a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru.