London's Active Boroughs

London’s Active Boroughs – City Matters

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“Health & fitness has become an important consideration for many of our clients when moving home. Wealthy self-made 25–35 year-olds, that have typically made their money in entertainment, tech or business, now make up a large percentage of our clientele in London.

Recent studies suggest that 1 in 3 young people do not consume alcohol and this is reflected in client search requirements. Buyers now want to live in area with a good selection of fitness studios and brunch spots. Spinning and smashed avocado have replaced bars and fine dining.

Areas such as The City and Chelsea have capitalised on this sift in trend. High-end Spin, HIIT, Pilates and Yoga studios now populate the high street, all aimed at the Instagram generation.

These fitness studios will usually be sandwiched between an independent coffee shop and brunch spot. Pavilion Road being a good example of this, which is home to KXU, Grainger & Co and The Roasting Party.”

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