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CityAM – benefits of a buying agent

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“A search for a prime property can involve speaking to perhaps 20 – 30 different selling agents in certain areas – the market is being disrupted all the time with new agents and brokers splintering off from other firms and setting up on their own. Brokerage numbers are increasing all the time and it is more and more difficult to stay completely on top of the market without some dedicated professional help.

A good buying agent will save their client time, conduct rigorous due diligence, have first class market knowledge, know the area intimately and be able to give their client the inside track.
Most importantly, a client can expect off-market information and be the first to hear of suitable properties. We have been in business for many years, so it is often through our network of old clients that we first hear about properties.

Having access to a wider black book of best-in-class specialists during and post purchase is an invaluable and timesaving addition to the service, which only comes with credible and experienced buying agents. A recent client of mine appointed six different people, all introduced through my network, to help with their survey, conveyancing, building work, interior design, landscaping and security/IT.

The market has been incredibly busy in the last 24 months and the COVID induced lockdown made conditions very challenging. Demand for best-in-class properties always outweighs supply but this has been exacerbated in the last 24 months as demand has surged, particularly in the country. What is very interesting is that in times of turmoil/distress there always seems to be a flight to high quality real estate.

There is a symbiotic reassurance for both buyers and vendors where there is representation. For our clients, they are taken more seriously in the market as it’s a buying agent’s job to establish and maintain their buying position. For vendors, they have an assurance and trust in who they are dealing with as the agent gives a sense of credibility.

Getting the keys to a new property is always very exciting but can also be daunting with so many new things to get to grips with and understand. We go out of our way to get to know our client’s new property intimately so that on completion day we know where everything is and how it all works. Often these properties have lots of different systems that need understanding, from IT and security to specialist A/V systems, alternative heating systems like Biomass, Ground Source, Air Source, Solar or indeed automatic garden watering systems. We aim to take as much stress off our client’s shoulders as possible when they are moving into their new home.

We are frequently required to make introductions in the local area. This might be for something as straightforward as a tennis court servicing company or lawn mowing business, but we also have years of experience suggesting schools, sports clubs, train stations, fuel delivery, pony clubs or swimming pool specialists. These final touches and parts of the moving process that are often forgotten are where a buying agent will truly show the extent of their area knowledge.”

Mark Crampton, Southern Home Counties.

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