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Safe as luxury houses? How security concerns are impacting London’s super-prime property market

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Head of our London Sales team, James Moran provided his expert insight in Prime Resi’s most recent Talking Heads column, investigating the increasing importance of peace of mind for today’s elite buyers.

James explains, “There is an increased desire amongst London homeowners for security across the board, but particularly amongst second homeowners. Those who don’t reside in their London property on a full time basis are often leaving their home or apartment vacant for up to months at a time and want peace of mind that their properties and possessions are protected and safe when they are out of the country.”

“Those concerned about security will be drawn to gated communities and high-end apartment complexes which offer unrivalled amenities such as concierge services, 24hr security, and the added privacy of enhanced entry systems. Particularly, if people have had concerns or issues before, this often becomes a non-negotiable part of the search.

“A balance is definitely required with security features; people don’t want bunkers and panic rooms, they want to live life. Large steel gates and high walls can be unsightly, remind residents of safety issues, and make the house less desirable should they decide to sell in the future.

“Some of the more extreme examples include: fog and smoke which can be coupled with LED strobe lights and a sounder (which can be painful) to increase disorientation of any trespassers using a blinding effect; small magnets attached to valuables which alert authorities upon the tiniest movements; biometric locks and facial recognition

“Looking forward to new technologies, particularly with AI, including heat detection and night vision which AI can decipher the difference between animals and trees moving and people within the house circumference.”

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