Windsor for Country & Town House

Stuart Mun-Gavin on Windsor for Country & Town House

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With its beautiful landscapes, charming shops and within reach of London, we can see why Windsor is a favourite of the royals. Only a short distance from Paddington or Waterloo, residents can enjoy the quaint quintessential living whilst having the ability to commute easily to London, creating the ultimate ‘work-life balance’.

But being outside city life certainly doesn’t mean ones social life is in jeopardy. In the village, Bay, just 5 miles from Windsor, foodies can enjoy the famous, Michelin starred restaurant, The Fat Duck, and social hot spots like Soho House. For family residents, Windsor has fantastic schools within reach, including Eton, Wycombe Abbey and Wellington College.

Northern Home Counties, Stuart Mun-Gavin, comments on the popularity of waterfront houses ‘The quaint pockets of riverside homes are also much sought after, particularly around Old Windsor, although houses with water frontage sell for a premium.’

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