nice-to-haves in the home

James Moran comments on ‘nice-to-haves’ in the home

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When it comes to house renovations or property changes, it’s important to note that styles that are currently in vogue and seem timeless can turn ephemeral once the moment passes. As part of our service, we offer knowledgeable expertise on which trends are here to stay and which you should avoid.

Head of London Sales, James Moran speaks to Yahoo Finance about ‘nice-to-haves’ such as saunas, wine cellars and treatment rooms in the home: “These additions will almost certainly have been added at great expense to a property to suit the current owner’s requirements but may have little or no appeal to prospective buyers”. This is also the case for swimming pools, which are costly to maintain and if built indoors lack natural light, which will always be high on buyers’ checklist.

Similarly, enthusiastic homeowners look to social media for an infinite stream of inspiration, but trends such as maximalism (loud wallpaper and mismatched furniture) and dark hues (painting areas in solid black) can be too bold for prospective buyers, and ultimately devalue the property.

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