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Meet Jasmine Anderson, executive assistant, Country Buying

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Jasmine Anderson joined Middleton as Executive Assistant to Gemma Maclaran in the Country team. She has worked in property since 2016 but is particularly drawn to the Middleton way of doing things – the team effort, the transparency of the process and the detailed research.

Whilst she had worked on the sales side of property for more than six years before joining, Jasmine – who has a personal interest in interior design and architecture – is enjoying delving into the detail and analysis of properties that Middleton identifies for clients.

“I really enjoy the depth we go into when preparing reports. We take a very holistic approach, putting ourselves in the position of living in that property, considering what specific factors will impact on the enjoyment of a home,” says Jasmine.

“Everyone at Middleton is incredibly supportive, and it feels like a real team effort, focused very much on the client. I have worked on luxury brands such as Four Seasons and Le Creuset previously, and these companies have a similarly meticulous approach to client relations and business in general”.

Jasmine has also lived and worked in both New Zealand and Australia, and volunteered at an orphanage in Cambodia.