Oustanding Oftsed-rated school

Mark Parkinson speaks to The Times

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Around the UK, property within a catchment area of an ‘Oustanding’ Oftsed-rated school has increased by more than 13 per cent, according to The Times. Grammar schools on the other hand have a more subtle hold on the property market than top-performing state schools.

With extensive entry requirements, competition for grammar schools is rigorous, and a number of children even start preparing three years in advance with private tutoring.

Middleton co-founder Mark Parkinson believes most families move into a grammar school hotspot years in advance — often when the eldest is due to start primary school.

Most parents don’t move for a specific school but in order to live within the grammar school system, and he suspects this is why the premium on house prices is muted. “There is often a cluster of grammar schools in a particular area, and perhaps because of this the impact of people moving to an area has a less-pronounced impact on prices.”

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