Europeans are flocking to the Cotswolds

Why wealthy Europeans are flocking to the Cotswolds

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After an extensive renovation period, the French hospitality group Experimental has unveiled Cowley Manor, a luxurious spa nestled on the outskirts of Cheltenham.

The allure of the Cotswolds, often described as ‘quintessential England,’ is no longer a hidden gem; it’s now drawing the attention of homeowners from across the Channel, as reported by The Telegraph.

Some property heads report that its to escape the European heatwaves. Others, however, speak of the undeniable ‘charm’ of the region, highlighting its cozy pubs, charming independent shops, and delightful local restaurants.

“Cotswolds estate agents are seeing a rise of enquiries from southern European second home buyers”, says Gemma Maclaran, Cotswolds advisor at Middleton Advisors. “[Southern European buyers] are usually looking for the very traditional pretty Cotswolds houses,” she says. “French buyers in particular go for Georgian properties. The tall ceilings and well-proportioned rooms are quite Parisian, I suppose.”

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