Features of Luxury Property

The on-trend features luxury property buyers are looking for this year

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Yahoo Finance speaks to property experts about what luxury assets homeowners are buying in 2024…

1. Padel Courts

“For homes with a little more space, the current craze of padel is being implemented where our clients are looking to build padel courts within their gardens,” says Edward Sainter, Oxford & Northern Home Counties advisor.

Padel, a racket sport originating in Mexico, shares tennis’ scoring system but differs in rules, strokes, and technique. More sociable than tennis, perhaps contributing to its popularity, it’s played in doubles on a slightly smaller court than a tennis doubles court.

2. Sustainable gardening

In outdoor spaces, there’s a trend toward natural designs, shifting from meticulously groomed lawns to rewilded areas, meadows, and sustainable gardening practices. “Growing herbs or coffee beans are becoming more popular as a key component to the home’s outside space,” says Oliver Sanhaji, North East London advisor.

3. Eco-friendly air conditioning

With successive hot summers and the prospect of more to follow, an increasing number of Britons are seeking to air condition their homes, but they’re aiming to do so in an environmentally friendly manner.

“Eco-friendly air-con is in high-demand, whether they are ductless, or internalised, without external units powered by cooling water through energy-efficient condensers,” says Oliver Sanhaji.

4. Luxury beer dispensers

Buyers are now looking for “an improvement of the home bar/drinks cabinet”, says Edward Sainter. “Including a beer dispenser, either one that can pour a pub-like pint or larger direct draw keg dispensers.”

5. Saunas and ice baths

As part of the wider trend for wellness at home, saunas and ice baths are becoming essentials for discerning home buyers.

“Saunas and more specifically ice baths are now becoming must-haves, from stand-alone portable baths to built-in luxury baths both inside and out,” says Oliver Sanhaji.

6. Large outdoor terraces

Outdoor terraces have long been favored, but they’re now considered essential for many homebuyers. Beyond just a relaxation spot, these terraces are evolving into social hubs featuring integrated pizza ovens, BBQs, and outdoor kitchens.

“[There’s a] big focus on outdoor living, now buyers want big terraces with built-in barbecues and pizza ovens are in strong demand. Now they want a ‘drinks destination’ on their property with a perfect view, where they can go to for a ‘sundowner’ and often plan to build a shepherd’s hut on the spot too,” says Gemma Maclaran, Cotswolds advisor.

7. Avoid basement rooms

Basements were previously seen as an efficient way of adding square footage in built-up areas, but their lack of natural light has made them a turn-off for potential buyers.

“There’s a significant shift away from basement living due to people seeking open, well-lit spaces. In particular, homeowners are moving their gyms out of the basement and outdoors for better views and ventilation,” says Ed Sainter.

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