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The professional view: Charlotte Noel, independent education consultant

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Areas of expertise: independent consultant UK private education and higher education sectors, private tuition, placements in US Universities.

“It’s been 18 months or so since Brexit was confirmed by the British voters and we still do not know the final form. As yet there are no discordant effects within the education system,” says Charlotte Noel of CN Education.

“The US, Switzerland and Australia, amongst other countries all attract students from overseas, but the UK’s private boarding schools are still seen as the gold standard. The desire to give students the best education and life experience coupled with great quality of life and access to the best universities are the key trends boosting demand for a British education.”

“The Independent School Market has always been flexible and is quick to adjust to any change,  continually improving from political and external influences. The top-class education provided here in the UK will continue to benefit each and every pupil and provides the necessary independence, self confidence and life skills, as well as a superb, well-rounded academic education.”

“Charterhouse is opening its doors to girls from Year 9 – both Boarding and Day, which now gives parents another top class Co-Ed school option alongside Wellington College, Marlborough College, Oundle, Uppingham and others.”

“British schools have now become very  attractive to families from the Far East who have traditionally sent their children to schools in the US. The fall in the value of the pound is making the UK look even better value. This is being repeated throughout other sectors, making Britain a very attractive place to live, work and educate your children from nursery to university.”

“Schools in  London continue to flourish. They are heavily oversubscribed and offer a superb and comprehensive all round education. This is also true of the boarding schools which  attract children from overseas. The number of pupils from Russia, China and continental Europe has increased significantly over the past five years. This is good news for schools near London’s airports and schools with good transport links. The state school sector continues to improve and adds welcome competition to the London market and gives parents even more choice when they come to make one of the most important decisions of their life regarding their children’s education.”

The professional view.

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