The Sunday Times 17th March 2019

The Sunday Times, 17th March 2019

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For people choosing to move out of the city and immerse themselves in country living, there are many elements to consider before trading a stroll to Starbucks for a walk in the woods. The Sunday Times article offers a guide for the ‘thirty-somethings’ swapping London convenience for greener scenery.

One of the suggestions is to select the area carefully, especially if you’re new to this way of life. “A lot of clients moving out of urban areas like to be part of a community, in or on the edge of a village where they can walk to a lively pub or shop” says Tom. However, it’s not just your physical distance from the hustle and bustle that needs to be adapted, mental space is also very important, “Everything goes a little bit slower in the country, and it doesn’t matter if you’re five minutes late”.

Tom adds, “You need to be more engaged in your community, be prepared to make friends of all ages. If you see your 68-year-old neighbour walking his limping dog, stop and ask, ‘How is Hubert? Is his leg getting better?'”. Investing in your neighbours and even your neighbours’ neighbours isn’t something that city lovers are accustomed to, but it’s an undeniable plus point being introduced to countryside community.