Country Life 3rd April 2019

Country Life, 3rd April 2019

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Whether it’s moving away from London or downsizing from the sticks of the countryside, finding the balance of rural but accessible can be quite tasking. This is where the rise of the smaller cities have become a more popular destination for this type of home buyer.

Downsizers looking to move to Oxford have the luxury of a plentiful supply of houses that can offer an array of size and architectural style. “So those still wanting a room for a dining table, it can easily be found” says Adam Buxton. Recounting a previous client search, in the Country Life article, a specific brief included being near a competitive bridge club. Although this may not be a dealbreaker for others, the variety of cultural opportunities combined with nearby amenieties is certainly an attractive prospect. The biggest contrast that is significant in downsizing is the sense of community and close neighbours that can be lacking in the more rual isolated position.