A dream come true

‘A dream come true’: Country Life feature

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We’re thrilled to be featured in Country Life’s buying advisor segment which showcases property professionals at the top of their field:

‘England’s most desirable properties have one thing in common: demand is always greater than supply. This is why so many genuinely prime, unique country residences never reach the open market.

Middleton’s network of contacts, encyclopaedic knowledge of England’s suitable properties and locations, and a relentless commitment to clients is the difference between hearing about your dream home before it sells, not after the event.

The country department, established in 2008, is headed by Ben Horne and has a team of experienced advisors who specialise in each of England’s key southern regions – such as the Cotswolds, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Northern and Southern Home Counties.

The Middleton way

Middleton is a privately-owned company of 30+ property professionals founded on the principles of trust, diligence and local expertise. The company remains independent of any estate agent or other business, guaranteeing clients the impartiality of advice that is essential to the buying process.

Whether you are searching for a long-term family home or a pied-à-terre, investing in a country estate, purchasing farmland for commercial purposes, or selling a property that hasn’t been on the market in generations – Middleton’s independent, professional advice enables you to maximise opportunity and minimise risk, not simply in the acquisition but in the ownership, enjoyment and ongoing management of your property.’

Click here to speak to our Head of Country Buying, Ben Horne.