Current Climate & Communication

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Like most businesses we are, of course, somewhat constrained, but we can continue to move existing transactions forward, and provide advice on the timing and appropriateness of potential sales, rentals and purchases. We also know we can fully rely on our amazing network of professionals, with whom we have built trusted relationships over the years. At Middleton we are following the guidelines and all working from home, and making use of technology even more. We have been using drone cameras and WhatsApp in place of physical ‘tours’, and this will no doubt be a tool we use more often in the future to have detailed discussions whilst reducing travel.

We are certainly readying ourselves for a full resumption in business, using this time to ensure we take some positives from this by reflecting on ways we can evolve our service to focus fully on our clients’ ever-evolving priorities and needs. An increase in demand for country property seems highly likely, for example.

If you have any questions or we can help at all, please go to our People page for the relevant details.