Millie Gibbons 2

Meet Millie Gibbons, Marketing Assistant

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Millie’s first marketing role was with a private equity firm and she has developed that skill-set since joining Middleton, also taking a qualification with The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Even though she grew up on a farm, Millie considers herself very much a city dweller and is loving being based in our Chelsea office, engaging with every aspect of Middleton’s business including buying, selling and special projects. “I love the wide scope of the role,” say Millie. “There are so many different aspects to my everyday workload and the sheer variety is a real challenge.”

One of those tasks is to cajole our busy property advisors into devoting a small proportion of their valuable time to the marketing function by providing comment for property journalists, who are always keen to hear Middleton’s viewpoint on the market, and interesting content for social media posts such as our ‘Walk Around’ series that profiles key property hot-spots.

Outside of the office Millie volunteers at a homeless centre and freelances as a marketing consultant for a paraplanning company, and up-cycles thrift-bought clothes.