tricky spring market

How to navigate a tricky spring market – with Mark Crampton

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Spring sellers are facing a notable challenge as buyer preferences evolve post-pandemic. Today, the affordability of mortgages plays a pivotal role in determining purchasing decisions, while job locations increasingly shape desired residential areas due to a return to office-based work. Consequently, buyers are on the lookout for value-driven destinations close to their workplaces.

As ever, the market varies wildly depending on location. There are microclimates everywhere, governed by variables such as schools and crime rates.

So where are buyers going? The Times reports the biggest increase in incomers from the capital was found in the local authority of Rother in East Sussex, where the percentage of Londoners as a total of all buyers went from 37 per cent to a remarkable 65 per cent.

“The beautiful rural landscape of the High Weald around Burwash, Dallington, Robertsbridge and down to the coast at Rye seems to have caught the eye of many buyers in the market recently,” says Mark Crampton, Southern Home Counties. “Not just for the sheer beauty of the area but — compared with areas closer to London and in West Sussex — it does offer considerably better value for money.”

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