dogs help sell houses

Do dogs help sell houses?

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The Dulux sheepdog sold us paint, the Andrex puppy sold us toilet paper, and Churchill the nodding bulldog sold us insurance; so why shouldn’t dogs sell houses?

Property professionals recognise that dogs are considered integral members of families, significantly influencing housing preferences and purchasing decisions. They are not only associated with the quintessential country house lifestyle; they also play an increasingly significant role in the lives of apartment residents and renters. Furthermore, they can even bag you a property bargain.

During a tense negotiation over a house in west London, dogs played a pivotal role in humanising the buyer for the seller, says Rhianne McIlroy, a buying agent at Middleton Advisors. “They bonded with the vendor on viewings through their mutual love of dogs. We set up a dog walk for us, the purchaser and the vendor to discuss and decide on a price. Through this personal exchange, we managed to negotiate the price down.”

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