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Our Carbon Neutral Initiative

22nd November 2021

While world leaders have been looking at the biggest of all pictures at the recent UN Climate Change Conference, we, as a business, are still very aware of our responsibility to put our own house in order and minimise our impact on the planet.

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The highest bidder doesn’t always necessarily win

4th August 2021

Our Cotswold advisor Gemma Maclaran discusses why the most aggressive buyer might not always win the bidding war and what representation can mean in a competitive market. 

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Meet Stuart Mun-Gavin, prime property advisor, Northern Home Counties

2nd August 2021

In 20 years in the property business, Stuart has worked primarily in London – both as a buyer and a seller, in both commercial and residential sectors, and as a business owner and an employee.

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Middleton Culture & Standards

30th July 2021

Mark Crampton, our lead buying advisor for Surrey and Sussex, has recently take on a role as Middleton’s guardian of culture and standards. Here he talks about lessons learned during 2020, and how we have emerged from this period of reflection.

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The key to the pandemic prime property market is simple: Don't Panic! - CityAM

3rd June 2021

This is an uncertain and frustrating time for buyers looking for prime properties. The pandemic is distorting markets across the south of England, meaning people have to spend more time than ever siing through an overwhelming and confusing number of stats, market reports and opinions.

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Department News at Middleton

28th April 2021

The events of 2020 have encouraged Middleton’s co-founding partners, Tom Hudson and Mark Parkinson to take a serious look at the business and how it has developed, individually and as a team, throughout the pandemic. Following a challenging year with our sights set on what's to come, we are delighted to announce some structural changes in the team. 

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