The professional view

The professional view

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November 2016


A critical aspect of what Middleton Advisors offers is the ability to draw on different strands of expertise from across the full spectrum of property and professional services.

This Middleton news section brings together a number of these experts and professionals to comment on and provide insights into the current market for prime property in London and the UK countryside – what is driving activity and prospects, trends, legislative changes, opportunities and threats.

As Prime Resi – the journal of luxury property – says, “…in a complex and shifting landscape a genuine understanding of local markets and people, of individual properties, and real experience of the art of high-value property negotiation means that the best and most innovative (buying) agents have more than earned their keep over the last few years”.

At Middleton we ‘earn our keep’ by adhering to five key principles: focus, independence, trust, diligence and knowledge. We know that these fellow professionals, whose comments and insights are collected here, follow similar principles. We are grateful for the way in which they are able to enhance and extend the specialist, professional advice that we can offer to our own clients.

Tom Hudson
Mark Parkinson
Middleton Advisors