Process of selling & buying a house

Process of selling & buying a house

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How the buying process works. When you ask Middleton Advisors to find you a property, we will go through a rigorous and comprehensive search, negotiation and completion process.

Step 1. We sit down with you to build a detailed brief so that we can find you a property that meets your aspirations and lifestyle now and in the future.

Step 2. From our search we build a long-list of potential properties, with individual appraisals of each one for you to consider.

Step 3. We’ll accompany you on a tour of your shortlist of properties, explaining all of the pros and cons in minute detail.

Step 4. From the shortlist, you may choose to carry on hunting, or you may look to proceed with the acquisition of your dream home.

Step 5. Our next step is to develop a buying strategy. This depends on a deep understanding of the seller Step 5. and their own strategy and aspiration.

Step 6. We manage the negotiations and the whole buying process, ensuring that you are in expert hands throughout.

Step 7. During the advanced stages of negotiation, we can introduce you to other professionals you may need, such as planning consultants, architects, interior designers and others who are tried and tested and trusted, with whom we have commission-free arrangements.

Step 8. Once you have exchanged contracts, we will be by your side through to completion and beyond, but making a particular effort to ensure that completion day is a complete joy, with everything working and explained.