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Middleton Culture & Standards

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Mark Crampton, our lead buying advisor for Surrey and Sussex, has recently take on a role as Middleton’s guardian of culture and standards. Here he talks about lessons learned during 2020, and how we have emerged from this period of reflection.

“Having been with Middleton for over 10 years, I’ve experienced the highs and lows, the good markets and bad. But there was obviously nothing quite like 2020-2021. Initially, the pandemic and lockdown was a real scare for Middleton, as it was for thousands of other businesses. Thankfully, we had the stability to see out the initial shock. Ultimately, the outcome has been for the business to grow, to become stronger overall, and to recruit.”

“That period has, however, reminded us how important it is to have a clear identity and a set of values as we evolve, adapt to a new normal, expand the range of services we offer, and identify the right people to join our journey.”

“My secondary role as guardian of the company’s culture and standards was created to safeguard our standards, protocols and ethos and to ensure consistency across the whole business. One thing we’ve learned is that when standards are adopted by the whole Middleton team, from front to back office we perform .”

“The stresses we endured during 2020 certainly led to a period of self-reflection and a commitment to change for the better, holding onto the good, discarding outdated and unproductive working practices and focussing on our DNA and what makes Middleton who we are.”

“So we’ve re-embraced our mission statement – what we call The Middleton Way – and reminded ourselves of the importance of excellence at every turn.”

Mark’s background:
-10 years working with the founders of Middleton, covering the Home Counties
– Middleton’s lead advisor for Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex
– Attended Harvard Business School ‘Achieving Breakthrough Service’